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Our school’s mission and purpose are to provide a quality educational system to prepare students to achieve licensure by the board of cosmetology for facial specialists and gain employment within their chosen field of study whether makeup artistry and/or esthetics. We are passionately committed to providing a solid educational foundation to empower our team in the pursuit of excellence, and we strongly believe that when people come first, success will follow. It is through advocacy, support, and education that makes us “Pretty Powerful”.


How Our Story Began


Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy was founded by India Calloway (Dolly),  in early October 2015. While it originally, started as a studio location offering private one on one classes, combined with a love and passion for Professional Makeup Artistry and Aesthetics, the company expanded into semi permanent beauty services such as lash extensions and microblading.


Dolly continued to provide beauty services to her local community after leaving her full time job as Artist & Product Specialist at Mac Cosmetics. During her time with her employer, Dolly earned higher rankings within the company in areas of sales, artistry, education, customer service, and client recommendations. While in the field Dolly became the counter Educator, as well as a licensed aesthetician. Her experience while in school to become an aesthetician is what led her to one day open an institution of her own. Despite her love for all things beauty, she discovered she had a love that was far more valuable, Nevaeh, he first born and oldest child...a love in motherhood.  


The company came from the humble beginnings of a hand made single space and private studio suite located in the same plaza that we call home today! After the outpouring love and support, Dolly Monroe Beauty Studios continued to grow in all departments and excelled in areas of education. Shortly after Dolly Monroe Studios became Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy, and although now both companies operate separately, both share their love for education, advocacy, and support of their communities. The now, wife, of Titus Calloway, and mom of three continues to service clients in between educational duties, alongside her colleagues and coworkers, never forgetting where she came from.



Meet Dolly Monroe’s administrative team! They’re here to support you while you navigate your beauty career goals. Ms. Preda, the Director of Education, Ms. Burganndi, the Academy Director, and Ms. Amber, the Admissions Director, will help you maintain your academic progress, GPA, implement curriculum guidelines, assist in paperwork processing for state licensure, and discuss payment plan opportunities with you. But, our support won’t stop there, even after graduation you can reach us and we will guide you through the lifespan of your career as a beauty professional because we want you to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.



Our instructors and Education Director embody the idea that education is Pretty Powerful and they exemplify how commitment and perseverance towards helping others can lead to success. With over 40 years of experience and expertise in the beauty industry, we are grateful for your consideration and eager to share our knowledge with you.

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Virtual Receptionist




Our front desk administrators are here to support all of our guests. Whether you’re a student, guest, or model, our front desk administrators are your first point of contact with Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy. Please don’t hesitate to rely on us if you need support navigating appointments, questions, or concerns.

Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy welcomes all prospective students to take a tour of our state-of-the-art facility to see firsthand what sets us apart from other beauty schools. Our tours provide an opportunity for students to meet our instructors, see our classrooms and equipment, and get a feel for the unique culture and community at our school. We encourage students who are considering a career in the esthetics industry to schedule a tour with us to learn more about our programs and how we can help them achieve their career goals. To schedule a tour, students can contact us! We are committed to helping our students succeed, and our tours are just one way that we support their journey toward a fulfilling career in the industry.


Company Values

Commitment to Collaboration
Help First Mindset

Our company has five core values. We wear M.E.R.C.H, through everyday actions, not egos or logos. The meaning behind this acronym has been defined by Dolly Monroe as follows: 

Merit: Opportunity is based on merit, no one is entitled.

Expertise: Never satisfied, industry experts

Reputation: An energetic wow experience

Commitment to Collaboration: No ego, no “I” just we

Help First Mindset: By exhibiting humility and modesty alongside confidence

Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy offers interactive courses that are informative and easy to follow. Get your license and an exclusive esthetics, makeup, lash, and/or microblading kit that will help you navigate the beauty industry. Students will have the opportunity to take photos of their work with the guidance of Dolly Monroe Instructors throughout the course to add to their portfolio. Classes start with demonstrations with innovation in mind, followed by hands-on training sessions which gives students plenty of time to practice what they’ve just learned on their models. You also get personalized assistance throughout the process as you master Dolly Monroe's exclusive techniques. All classes are held in Tampa FL at our New Tampa location and cover a plethora of topics.

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