Microblading or Microshading

Microblading and Microshading was introduced to the beauty industry as a semi permanent eyebrow tattoo meant to imitate the appearance of a fuller natural brow! Add this service to your already existing beauty license or get licensed today with our Hands on Trainings!

Microblading or Microshading


$2500 & up


2 Days

Microblading OR Shading Training - $2500
Microblading &Shading Training - $3000
Microblading, Shading, & Corrections Training - $3200


Student Kit

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25% NON REFUNDABLE Deposit is required to reserve your seat
Rescheduling Fee $50
Students are required to bring a model for day two of the training and failure to do so will require a rescheduling fee of $50

Schedules & Start Dates 


Saturday & Sunday Only
(unless a private lesson, please visit our one on one private lesson page to register for the appropriate course)